Voice & Data Cabling

Did you know that one of the most overlooked causes of network problems are data cabling issues? Your data cabling network is the backbone of your network and is only as strong as its weakest link. Without it, your system may fail to function properly or maintain optimal efficiency. As your business grows, expands, relocates or adopts new and updated technologies, LiveWire Business Solutions is able to ensure that your business communications continue – uninterrupted.

wireWe design, install, upgrade and test structured cabling for both voice and data networks. Our customers benefit from a wealth of data cabling skills and years combined network experience. We deliver our cable solutions with a commitment to do things right, delivered on time and within budget. All cables are neatly terminated, organized, labeled and tested with finished jacks, connection blocks, and/or patch panels. We stand by our work and offer an appropriate SLA to complete our structured cabling solution. In many cases, we can install a cabling network without unnecessary disruption to your operations. Our solutions range from a few additional access points in a small office to major projects for network and cable installations in business parks, warehouses, and office blocks.


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