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Offering the right solution for your business is our number one priority. Telecommunications needs of a modern business extend beyond the basic POTS (plain old telephone service) lines of the previous decades. Today’s businesses require advanced features, services, support and above all a partner that can deliver all that your business needs. We offer more than the traditional phone service provided by many of our contemporaries. At LiveWire Business Solutions, we provide a connection for your company to communicate far into the future. It is our goal to deliver tomorrow’s technology in the modern corporate environment.

Hosted PBX Solutions

Manage Your Business, Not Your Phones.

Give your business a competitive edge without the expense of buying, installing, and maintaining a PBX. Installed in our secure data centers, the LiveWire Hosted IP-PBX is an end-to-end solution giving you all the benefits of VoIP with cost-effective pricing.

How do we stand out?

LiveWire Business Solutions is a company with a mind for the shape of communications technologies well into the future. We have developed a network capable of delivering the services you need for today as well as the challenges you may face tomorrow. Our main goal is customer satisfaction. Our management staff and business practices have been honed to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. The whole team at LiveWire Business Solutions is prepared to help you deal with any technological challenge your company may be facing.

Local Presence, Global Reach…

Here at LiveWire, we believe in providing the best level of support for our customers. We provide local and remote support options. Our staff of technicians is trained with you the customer in mind. The professional staff at LiveWire live and work in your town, giving them the ability to service your systems locally to you, saving you time and money. The LiveWire network of partners and vendors help us support businesses who need to ability to work internationally. We understand the struggles of managing a global network and provide cost effective solutions to see you through any obstacle.


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