LiveStor Backup And Recovery

LiveStor Server – File Storage and Internal Snapshots

LiveStor Server – The cornerstone of any data storage solution is a solid system design. Utilizing enterprise grade components and software, the TrueNAS line of systems and software provide secure and reliable storage options. Whether your network requires SAN, SMB Shares, iSCSI or WDAV, we can configure a system running TrueNAS to provide that service safely and securely. With added memory as read/write buffers, TrueNAS also offers some of the best performance characteristics of any storage solutions. The low cost of ownership makes it a great fit for small businesses not looking for heavy costs and additional software licenses to maintain.

Key Features:

  • Dedicated TrueNAS Server for Active File Sharing
  • ZFS File System for Scheduled File System Snapshots
  • Ability to run Apps in Containers and Virtual Machines
  • CyberSecure Data Storage with SE and SED Fips rated Self Encrypting or Secure Erase Hard Drives, as well as data encryption at rest and in transit.

LiveStor Cloud Sync – Cloud storage sync of File Shares

LiveStor Cloud Sync – Cloud storage solutions come in many shapes and sizes depending on preferences and requirements. Keeping up with the management and backups of cloud storage can be a heavy task for most. LiveStor Cloud Sync allows for clients to share files using their cloud solution of choice and ensure that the task of backups is covered by a team of professionals. Whether you roll your own storage solution on a LiveStor server running NextCloud, or you use any of the popular cloud storage service providers, we can ensure your data is backed up to a local server. We can either provide a server in your office infrastructure, or ours. The reverse is also true, if you store files locally and would like to maintain a cloud copy of your data, as a just in case. We can provision a number of options to replicate your onsite file storage to a cloud provider of your choice.

Key Features:

  • Sync File Shares to Cloud Storage Accounts such as Google Drive,, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Azure and more
  • Backup Cloud Storage Accounts to a Dedicated On-Premise Server
  • Keep Files Synced between Active and Passive Cloud/Local Server Storage

LiveStor Rapid Recovery – Offsite Sync of TrueNAS Snapshots

LiveStor Rapid Recovery – Having a good data backup policy in place is ideal for any organization. The same can be said about a good data backup recovery policy. Recovering data from backups can be a time consuming process full of challenges and possible blockers. If you cannot recover from local backups quickly enough because you have too much information to restore without loss of productivity, then you should consider a more rapid solution. Inherent with our TrueNAS deployments comes the ability to synchronize all block level data between two TrueNAS machines via snapshot replication. This enables all data stored on one machine to be copied at the block level to another in a systematic and automated way. When this is done to a TrueNAS machine offsite, it can create one the most important links in the overall chain of your backup and recovery plans. We offer a solution where by we build an exact replica of either your entire onsite TrueNAS machine, or just the storage drives (drive for drive). This means that if your server system were to fail completely and no data is currently accessible, we would be able to replace the data drives quickly or provide a suitable temporary host machine until your server can be repaired or replaced permanently.

This setup allows for any file server or storage system for a hypervisor to “backup” itself to another machine in a highly redundant configuration. If your main file server were to fail, we could repair it in the same day, no matter how much data you have stored.

Key Features:

  • Full Synchronous Offsite File System Snapshot Replication
  • Rapidly Recover from File Server failures and Restore Operations usually in the same day

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